Your Brand Is A Promise

A brand strategy serves as the foundation for your product, your business, and your story. Without a foundation, one opportunity becomes indistinguishable from the next. This means that every opportunity must be pursued.




I enjoyed it very much; it was very well written, insightful, and highly informative. I enjoyed working through the exercises.

- Marie Bailey, Founder, Mortgage Me Free

BrandAlive provides a structure to work your way through this type of brand work, to be able to get there. In other words, we’re all mission-driven, at least I know I am, but we kind of have a hard time being able to articulate exactly how to get there as far as the kind of goal post around what we were trying to do on the brand side and everything.

- Jim Rice, Co-Founder, Nautilus Solar

Product Description

Branding is not just about nice packaging or a great tagline. Branding is key to the ultimate success or failure of a business. In this book, I’ll give you actual examples from real companies you know – and probably trust – that validate my entire reason for writing this book. There are certainly important components of branding, but my aim is to get you to understand the importance of a business getting its messaging right.

What You’ll Learn in Your Brand Is A Promise

  • An overview of a brand, how brands add value, what the elements of a brand are, and how brands are built or eroded
  • What it takes for brands to grow from awareness to advocacy
  • Why it is important to start with “why” before “how” and “what”
  • How addictiveness plays a major role in personal branding and how to include it in your branding
  • How the combination of the above can be the difference between brand growth and stagnation
  • How character plays a critical role in your brand’s growth and development
  • How to ensure your brand logo and visual identity reflect your brand values, essence, promise, and personality
  • Why it is crucial to be ruthlessly consistent in conveying your brand and the pitfalls of not doing so

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