At BrandAlive, I will help you craft and tell your brand story. Be it by consulting with you on your brand and marketing strategy or by conducting a hands-on workshop focused on branding and licensing, I will work with you to expand and grow your company, product and or service in new and exciting ways.


Your Story

Your brand is your story.  It should answer the “what and why” of your organization, product or service.  And your story must be so compelling that your audience is intrigued and interested enough to want to engage with you at the next level.

A good marketer must know how to creatively and effectively craft and tell your Brand Story and supporting messaging. Doing marketing well involves following a process. BrandAlive has a defined proven phased process that has successfully worked for our clients, no matter their size or area of focus. We have found that when this disciplined approach is not followed, or shortcuts are taken, you appear disjointed in the market which creates confusion among your target segments.

Strategy versus Tactics

There are key differences working with BrandAlive versus an agency. My team and I are very knowledgeable marketing consultants who have 30+ years of experience in a wide variety of industries.  Because of our marketing and business experience, we view and approach engagements from a strategic perspective and not a transactional one, such as agencies do.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between BrandAlive and agencies is when they are asked if a tactic is possible, they will always reply “yes” because agencies think tactically, and they are generally paid per transaction or project.

When BrandAlive is asked such a question, we ask “why?” for we act as our clients’ business partners as well as marketing partners.  We are always looking at the larger picture and working to understand the impact that every action and decision makes to our clients’ overall businesses.

Our Process

We follow a disciplined defined process when working with clients regardless of the scope and focus of the engagement.

The What and Why

Taking the time to develop your story is imperative to your success. If you cannot clearly articulate your “what and why” then will people listen and care about your product and ultimately buy it? Effectively communicating your “what and why” sounds simple, but it is anything but.

We must first write your story before the creation of any material occurs or the execution of any program begins. And even before we create the story, we must understand the foundation of your messaging.  Research is how we get to that foundation. Asking the right questions of such constituents as key stakeholders, customers, partners and employees is how we begin to learn directly what your story should be.  For if your story is not based in fact, then it will not ring true nor connect with the “who”.

The Who

Failing to define the “Who” is where so many companies fail as they try to be all things to all people or they never take the time to determine and or validate with whom their story will resonate.

And for our small and mid-size clients, it is imperative that we prioritize the target segments as we understand there are often budgets and resources constraints in these initial phases.

The How

We have developed your Story.  We have identified to whom we need to tell it.  Now we will work to determine what are the most effective ways to communicate it – that is the “How”.

Not all people want to be marketed to in the same way.  The way we would approach millennials is very different than how we would reach out and communicate to boomers.  During the “How” Phase, we develop an integrated marketing plan that contains the tactics and channels we recommend doing and using to tell your story so that it reaches the defined “Who”.


Now it’s time for execution and we can help in a variety of ways.  We can manage the entire execution of the Plan including the selection of vendors and creative partners.  Or we can support and augment your internal team. We are here to help in any way that works for your organization.

Consulting Areas of Focus

Sample Client List

Our Team

Coca-Cola was in jeopardy of not being able to execute an Olympic co-branded licensing and Olympic pin trading program to support the Sochi Olympic Winter Games due to limitations in time, expertise and staffing. Licensing Brands helped us build the business model, organize, implement and supervise the brand licensing program. Pete’s agency showed remarkable capabilities in overcoming many project-ending challenges, it was a very successful program and I would highly recommend him and his company for any government or commercial entity.

Gabriela Mandrea, Integration Manager, Coca-Cola Russia

Pete is a solid business professional and leader, well-liked and respected, with great ideas, strategic thinking, and marketing insights. He is intelligent, fair and inspirational, with an upbeat and caring attitude that lets him naturally develop excellent rapport and trusting relationships with his team. Pete is the kind of person people like to work with, and work for. A terrific leader!

Kosmas Karadimitriou, Vice President of Data Science, KAYAK

Pete has that rare and fantastic ability to be very capable, driven and detail orientated – while also being a pleasure to work with. He is a fantastic leader and is skilled at the art of bringing together differing points of view in order to achieve a common goal. I would cherish the opportunity to work with Pete again.

Ross Hugessen, Senior Vice President, Ipsos

Pete Canalichio is an expert in the field of licensing and brand strategy. He has been most helpful in guiding me through my entry into the world of brand expansion through licensing.

Eric Dennis, CEO, Good Sign Brand

Pete thoughtfully and creatively finds ways to negotiate agreement in a manner that all parties feel they have been heard, understood and believe in the agreement that has been reached.

Adriana McLane, Director, Business Development, Newell Rubbermaid

Pete has tremendous trademark licensing expertise and has worked with the world’s greatest brands. He understands why companies choose to license their brands and how to look for companies that have products or services that support their brand strategies.

Nancy Bergeron, Marketing Director, Acuity Specialty Products, Zep Inc., Rubbermaid Licensee

He is a great listener and naturally adept at building consensus and creating a collaborative environment. In stressful situations he is calm…

Peter Dikeman, CTO, ECKey

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