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As an expert on personal branding and brand expansion, I’ve helped hundreds of professionals turn their companies into well-known brands when they used to be unknowns drifting in a sea of entrepreneurs offering similar services. They stood out because they had a story. Your brand story is your most powerful super power, and my strength is helping people learn to use theirs for good. When you find alignment between your brand and the right customers, you increases sales, grows qualified leads and cements yourself as a valuable partner in the minds of consumers all looking for brands they can trust!

But there are lots of other people out there just like me, and they have all said the exact words I’ve said. So why should you work with me?

I use more than just strategy and winning content to help you succeed. I want to help you find – and use – your heart to set your brand apart. After all, YOU are your brand. And your heart is part of you. If you’re not using it, then you’re not being authentic, and people want and need your authenticity.

In thinking about where we are right now in our society, with so much unrest, anger and violence, we need more heart to balance out the sadness. We are bombarded by business solicitations everywhere we look. Everyone claims to be an expert who can solve all our problems. But very few use their heart to frame the conversations. I’ll show you how to use your heart to create a winning story that will help your brand come alive for those ready to receive your message.

Consulting areas of focus

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