Tilt the Deal in your Favor: How To Negotiate With Licensees

Learn proven negotiation strategies, get industry Deal Term Ranges, extract more concessions from licensees, read sample negotiation dialogues and learn how to get past NO in a negotiation.




The ‘LASSO’ strategy and methods help you understand and evaluate your own (Brands’) present position, and how if implemented, can help you create the right strategy for sustainable and long term growth. Great read!

- Edward Andrascik, CEO Visions Outdoor, LLC

If I had read and utilized anything as effective as Mr. Canalichio’s book it would have saved me a great deal of time and money. "Expand, Grow, Thrive" may well prove to become the bible for the licensing business.

- Gino Frye, CEO PEG, INC.

Product Description

My Proven Negotiation Strategies

My 65-Page Guide Will Tilt The Deal To Your Favor

After having negotiated dozens of best-in-class brand licensing agreements for both Fortune 500 and smaller companies, I can tell you this: A little preparation and some structure can go a long way toward a successful outcome.

Negotiating A License: Licensors Have The Upper Hand But Don’t Overreach

Because the licensor knows the prospective licensee wants to license their company’s brand, they inherently have the stronger position in the negotiation. As such, the licensor can and should use this knowledge to their advantage to ensure the brand is protected and shareholder value is maximized.

However, if the terms are so restrictive that they preclude the licensee from winning any business or handcuff the licensee from being able to gain a sustainable and growing revenue base once they do, the contract is doomed to failure. Similarly, if the terms are so expensive that the licensee cannot recover their investment and subsequently make a profit over the life of the contract, the license will fail before it ever gets off the ground.

Successful licensors keep the end in mind and practice win-win negotiating tactics. Similarly, smart licensees will have identified several choices of brands from which to acquire a license and will set limits on what deal terms they will accept, regardless of their brand preference. In these instances, both parties can shake hands on a set of terms they know will allow them both to be successful.

These terms consist of rights to territories, channels of distribution, covered products and trademarks, work product, quality assurance standards, the licensing approval process, manufacturing facility approval, royalty rates, minimum guaranteed royalties, and sales requirements. Understanding these terms and the commitments you will be making are crucial to an effective licensing contract negotiation and could save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your agreement.

My 5-Stage Licensing Contract Negotiation Process

My 65-page Brand Licensing Negotiation Manual shows you my exclusive 5-stage negotiation process. Every licensor must follow an internal process before signing an agreement with a licensee. I will take you through the various stages of due diligence and the tools and documents used to enable licensors to track the agreement. Brand owners and manufacturers who wish to build a best-in-class program should familiarize themselves with these documents and the process. The deal approval process generally takes place in five stages.

Other Deal Terms

My 65-page Brand Licensing Negotiation Manual also covers other important deal terms such as:

  • Brand/Trademarks
  • Advance
  • Covered Products
  • New Product Introductions
  • Territory
  • Sales Performance Requirements
  • Contract Term
  • Shipping Date
  • Exclusivity
  • Commercialization Date
  • Royalty Rate
  • Sell-off Period


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