The Brand Licensing Workshop

Brand Licensing is one of the lesser known techniques for extending a brand into new categories. Though unfamiliar to some, this technique provides extensive benefits and encourages a healthy brand licensing program which include:

  • Building brand presence by getting product to market faster with little to no investment or inventory risk.
  • Accelerating the ability to gain additional shelf space or enter into new channels or regions.
  • Delivering valuable and steady royalty revenue increasing cash flow and operating income.

However, the dilemma that many face is effectively crafting a best-in-class brand licensing program that accommodates their specific needs as well as aids in their brand’s prosperity.

This two-day, highly facilitated workshop is designed to deliver a detailed blueprint on how to launch a brand licensing program, enabling participants to take a significant step towards harnessing the power of brand licensing. While also exposing participants to each of the core components of a built-to-last brand licensing program.

To aid in understanding, the workshop may include guest appearances by experts who have worked on brand licensing teams within companies or for service providers in the industry. As an added bonus, Pete includes educational components throughout the day so that all participants are speaking a common language.

Pete generally plans for attendance by 6 to 10 key organization stakeholders, including the organization’s leadership. Departments best suited to attend all or part of the workshop include marketing, product development, R&D, legal, finance, risk management and business development.

To maximize the effectiveness of the workshop, Pete will ask participants to complete a pre-work questionnaire and provide any supporting documentation. This will allow for a better assessment your organization’s brand options, processes, structure, and timeline.

Throughout our workshop, Pete will work with the team to ensure that there is a clear understanding of how brand licensing can help your company meet its business objectives. He also makes sure that people are clear on their brand’s positioning statement, and finally, he explains what is brand licensing, what are its benefits and what the brand licensing process is. Pete will recommend ways for the organization to work together to maximize the value of the brand licensing program so that it becomes an integral part of a go-to business strategy.

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