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I’m Pete, and I’m on a mission to help brands find the most authentic parts of their story so they can share it with the world! After a successful career working in global branding, brand expansion and marketing for companies like Coca-Cola, FIFA World Cup, the Sochi Olympics and Newell Rubbermaid, I realized that my greatest passion was helping brands reach their full potential.

Not only that, I wanted them to grow and thrive in the marketplace, as well as in the minds of consumers. I consider it a great privilege to be able to help brands move the dial, and I know this is done solely through the authentic – and accurate – telling of their story.

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Branding Strategy & Consulting
Marketing Strategy & Consulting
Marketing Program Development & Execution
Advertising: Creative Development & Execution
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Here's What Our Clients Say

“Pete brings tremendous value to the military veteran entrepreneurs we serve. He has a unique ability to educate and elevate people’s thinking. His lessons are relatable and transformative. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate at many levels and it’s always been extremely productive for all concerned. I highly recommend him.”

Dan Clare
Chief Communications & Outreach Officer, DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

“Prior to working with Pete, I was struggling to define and differentiate my brand. Pete’s extraordinary coaching, branding expertise, and harmonious collaboration resulted in a brand story, architecture, and positioning that characterizes mean my business perfectly. I am exceptionally pleased with the process and the outcome.”

Scott image
Scott Chesson

“Coca-Cola was in jeopardy of not being able to execute an Olympic co-branded licensing and Olympic pin trading program to support the Sochi Olympic Winter Games due to limitations in time, expertise and staffing. BrandAlive helped us build the business model, organize, implement and supervise the brand licensing program. Pete’s agency showed remarkable capabilities in overcoming many project-ending challenges. It was a very successful program, and I would highly recommend him and his company for any government or commercial entity.”

Gabriella image
Gabriela Mandrea
Integration Manager, Coca-Cola Russia

“Pete thoughtfully and creatively finds ways to negotiate agreement in a manner that all parties feel they have been heard, understood and believe in the agreement that has been reached.”

Adriana McLane
Growth Strategist, the a.m. Insight