Our workshops are specifically designed for businesses like yours that prefer onsite training for their Marketing or Business Development departments. Depending on your needs, our team of experts can custom design the workshops to make them available in a one day or two-day format.

How Does Your Brand Compare to Traditional Growth Strategies?

Many perceive the concept of growth as something that is a very straightforward. However, there are a multitude of factors that need to be taken into consideration when developing a growth strategy for your company and brand. One aspect of growth that some tend to overlook when trying to expand is strong partnerships. Through partnerships,…

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Is your Brand Ready To Stretch Into New Categories?

Every company is under pressure to grow their footprint and revenues. Many brands are looking for ways to do so on a global basis. In this workshop, we will determine what it takes to build valuable assets and to generate more value from those assets against a backdrop of rising consumer expectations around experiences and…

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Brand Licensing Audit Workshop: Determine The Royalties Your Brand Could Be Generating

Like many, you may have been considering launching a Brand Licensing program for several months or even years. However, you have been hesitant to pull the trigger as you just don’t know how much royalties your brand could generate and whether you would gain a sufficient Return on Investment (ROI) from those royalties to make…

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The Brand Licensing Workshop

Brand Licensing is one of the lesser known techniques for extending a brand into new categories. Though unfamiliar to some, this technique provides extensive benefits and encourages a healthy brand licensing program which include: Building brand presence by getting product to market faster with little to no investment or inventory risk. Accelerating the ability to…

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