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Your Brand Is Your Promise

According to a post on Signalfire, the creator economy is the fastest-growing type of small business, with more than 50 million people around the world considering themselves digital creators. They point to a survey that revealed more American kids want to be a YouTube star (29%) than an astronaut (11%) when they grow up. Yikes.

And a recent Forbes article says the global influencer market size has more than doubled since 2019. Just last year, it was valued at $13.8 billion.

This speaks volumes for the changing landscape that is marketing and personal branding. If more than 50 million people consider themselves creators, I have to wonder, do they also know they are brands, too? We are all brands! As a business owner, you are a walking billboard for the products and services you represent – but, most importantly, for yourself. It’s important to know this, especially if you want more business. Being your own brand means being intentional about how you present yourself to the world, understanding that it’s not just about getting more followers. It’s about being seen by the right people and valued for who you are and what you do so you can acquire more income for the work you do.

It’s also important to know what you stand for. What’s your mission and purpose? Don’t promote a product or service that doesn’t fit those things just because you get money. Represent the things that you believe in because everything reflects on you.

Remember, your brand is your promise. It’s not just about a quick buck or 1,000 new followers. It’s about staying true to who you are because you are your own brand, and people will pay attention to that.

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