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WikiHow: Make a Difference in Your Career

I was honored to have been invited by WikiHow to serve as a co-author for several articles about leadership and branding. Since I get asked a lot about career trajectory, particularly from younger people who are looking for guidance, I thought it might be helpful to share the article I wrote about making a difference in your career, in case you know someone just starting out who could use some guidance, or you or someone you know is thinking about a career change – or even a reinvention – which can happen at any time in your career! A few of the key takeaways to share are:

• Define your career priorities. What’s personally satisfying to you? What are you good at? Does it give you the autonomy you want or need?

• Define your career impact. Are you able to make the kind of mark you want with your work?

• Choose a pressing problem to solve. Are you interested in animal welfare? Global health and development? What is the kind of work that feels meaningful to you?

• Set a long-term career goal. This gives you something to work toward, and provides further meaning and a sense of satisfaction when you reach your goal.

• Create a strategy. This is important because it gives you the chance to explore your interests, take the paths that allow you to build on your strengths, and then you can use your strengths to solve the problems that matter most to you.

What advice helped you set yourself on the path to career success? Would you add anything to this list?