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Rogers Corporation, XRD Brand

[large]Duration: August 2014 – October 2015[/large]


Rogers Corporation has been facing significant challenges over the last several years with respect to the delivery of its Poron and XRD brands. XRD® Extreme Impact Protection is a breakthrough material technology that has been tested to absorb up to 90 percent of energy when impacted. Under the current environment, Rogers has been selling these two technologies to a variety of customers (B2B) as an “ingredient” in their consumer (end user) products. Without control of its application, the Poron and XRD brands are being used inappropriately thereby limiting the effectiveness and protectiveness of the technology. This has been harmful to each brand’s equities. Rogers believes that an effective licensing program could not only give them the control it needs to ensure the proper use of its technologies, but also open up the market to greater awareness and demand for their products.


Implement a comprehensive workshop to address Rogers education and strategic needs for the XRD brand and provide ongoing strategic consulting to help address short and long-term needs:

  • Conducted initial workshops in December 2014 to introduce the concept of brand licensing as a way to establish the value of a brand
  • Provided strategic coaching to help the Rogers team in repositioning their relationships with key customers
  • Conducted a follow-up workshop in March 2015 to educate leadership team on how an ingredient brand program can help position the brand owner and customer for long-term success
  • Continued strategic coaching to help Rogers build internal skills in licensing and empower them to put better agreements in place


  • Built bench strength in the organization on the value of ingredient brand licensing program to ensure the brand is used effectively to unleash its full capacity
  • Established a structure to assist sales and marketing teams to more effectively create value-based relationships with their customers
  • Enhanced the outcome of two customer relationships by establishing a framework for them to use the Poron and XRD brands to build their consumer base