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Out Now: Strategic Brand Licensing

I’ve been like a kid in a candy store, holding in my excitement for the announcement of my newest book, Strategic Brand Licensing: Building Brand Value through Enduring Partnershipswhich I have co-authored with M. Cristina Longo, Associate Professor of Business Economics and Management at the University of Catania, Italy.

We’re both so proud of this book, as it infuses the best of our strengths: Cristina’s in marketing, innovation management and strategy, and mine in global branding and licensing. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the book, and would be delighted if you’d make any connections you feel would be beneficial, as I’m hoping to get this book into universities across the country – particularly for MBA and executive education students interested in strategic brand management, licensing strategy and brand expansion, as I thoroughly believe we need more courses that further the fluency of licensing, as it relates to real-world impact. If you’ve got ideas, let’s talk!

Learn more about Strategic Brand Licensing and place your order for our new textbook here!