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Living More Mindfully

I was moved by the words of Jay Shetty, New York Times best-selling author, podcaster, former monk, and Chief Purpose Officer for Calm, when I saw him on The Drew Barrymore Show a while ago. His simple, yet powerful advice, really got me thinking. Our daily lives are so integrated with our work lives, and the best thing for both sides really comes down to lower stress, more health and a deeper sense of purpose. In my career, I’ve felt the best and performed the best when I was balanced. Some days it’s harder than others to do all the right things to keep your body and mind in check, but Jay’s advice for three things takes very little effort, and really makes a difference.

Jay Shetty’s Three Tips for Living More Mindfully:

  • Do something for your body – Get in 10,000 steps per day. I know, easier said than done, so I do things like take the stairs at the airport or pop out 20 pushups between meetings. I also stretch while brushing my teeth.
  • Do something for your mind – Meditate for seven minutes a day. For me, this includes reading something spiritual or praying, typically in the morning and before bedtime. I also do yoga once a week.
  • Do something for your heart – Share gratitude with someone. I like to start the day by reminding myself what I am grateful for – health, family, work. I look for opportunities to thank people in my life for the small things as well.

    Do you implement any of these things in your daily work/life ritual? If so, how has it been working for you?

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