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Is Your Brand Alive?

If you know me, you might say I’m a bit obsessed with brands. Not only do I find them fascinating, but I study them for a living. And, of course, I am a brand! If you own your own business, you are a brand, too. One thing that never gets old for me is the fact that I take a very nature-based approach to understanding brands at their root level (pun intended!). Have you ever thought about the fact that brands are living organisms?

Much like a plant, brands are more than what is on a billboard or a computer screen. They are the seeds that are planted in the hearts of every person who experiences them. They are the roots that expand beneath the surface, making the foundation even stronger as the plant continues to grow upward. A brand that is truly alive pumps oxygen into everything it touches, spreading its branches wide as it continues pushing upward, towards the light.

And yet, many brands exist simply as stagnant or wilting limbs. Their growth is stunted without access to the sun. Brown has overtaken green. They lack breath, hope, and life. We know those brands.

But brands that are alive blossom when they’re rooted into a defined position and architecture. They breathe value into the lives of their loyal customers, providing familiarity and personality. They create inviting universes where consumers, fans and enthusiasts can visit as often as they want and stay as long as they want.

Brands that are alive continue to THRIVE with each new day of growth. This singular truth, born from years of research and thought, is how I came up with my company name, BrandAlive! I wish to be among the brands that continually grow, learn and add value to the world. How about you?