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I’m celebrating 15 years!

Happy 15th anniversary to me!

This month, I’m celebrating myself, my awesome team, my amazing clients and my steadfast collaborator partners because I wouldn’t be where I am without any of them!

I am proud of myself, especially after some of the challenges I encountered in my work life before I decided to launch my own business (like when I was laid off from Coca-Cola). But I write this post not to throw confetti on myself. I want to throw it at ALL entrepreneurs, at all stages of growth.

I’m celebrating you if:

🎉 You’re feeling stuck because you’re trying to build something, but don’t know how to do it.
🎉 You’re feeling overwhelmed because you’re alone, and this is hard. Finances are hard. Time management is hard.
🎉 This is a side hustle, and you’re working a full-time job and you’re exhausted from putting every last bit of energy you have into this dream of yours.
🎉 You don’t know how to get noticed, or get clients.
🎉 You’ve been doing this awhile, and you just need some sleep.
🎉 You’re excited about doing work you believe in, but the grind has made you stop believing and you want to get it back…
🎉 You just launched your first product.
🎉 You sold your first book.
🎉 You booked your first client.
🎉 You don’t have anyone throwing confetti at you.

I’ve been there, too. All those places. The lowest lows and the highest highs. The mediocre in-betweens. Big growth, stagnation, decline, reinvention… I get it.

Entrepreneurship is HARD. There’s no way to sugar coat it. At times you might feel like you’re the only one in the world who believes in what you’re doing, or who even knows you’re doing it. But I’m here to tell you this: Keep Going. Just put one foot in front of the other.

Keep building. Keep growing. Keep trying. Keep dreaming.

Because you may find yourself looking at the calendar, 15 years from now, after you launched a dream that required you to believe in yourself, only to realize that it was all worth it.