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How Refresh-ing!

I was really impressed with an email newsletter I received from Sara Delaney, global activist, and social entrepreneur, who founded Sarilla, a carbonated tea made with organic, Fair Trade Rwandan tea leaves. In her email, she says, “Before we were known as Sarilla, we were Silverback on Tap™ and before we had products sold in stores, we were known as 3 Mountains, a social enterprise based in Asheville, NC. Our original hashtag in 2016 was #DrinkForChange to encourage the continuous journey of transformation.”

She goes on to say: “The most profound change is often underground, or invisible to the naked eye. Once you actually SEE the transformation, the primary growth has already occurred. Oak trees take between 30 to 40 years to grow from seeds to mature trees, and their roots can spread up to 5 times the radius of the canopy! Maybe humans and brands are not so different. This growth is what gives us strength, and helps to fortify our place in the world; our sense of well-being and safety; and our resilience to manage whatever storm is on the horizon.”

After my post last week about brands that are alive, I wanted to show Sara’s message, as it clearly showcases just how alive her brand is – even if it’s not wrapped up in a neat little bow. You grow and learn as you go. Often, your brand will change, just like a person changes over time. Sarilla is one great example of an evolving brand, but so, too, is my own brand. We did a brand repositioning and company renaming in 2019 from Licensing Brands to BrandAlive. And then went one step further through a brand refresh in 2021, and I’m so glad I did. Below is Sarilla’s brand refresh and then my own. Let me know what you think!

Sarilla Rebrand        BrandAlive Refresh