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Giving Back

One of the most consistent themes in my life and in my career has always been that of giving back. I have always believed that we get more when we give more. I see this in how I show up as a father, the relationship I have with my spouse, and the ways in which I support my clients and friends. So that’s why it was an easy yes for me to serve as a mentor for the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Patriot Boot Camp, which brings together early stage veteran entrepreneurs who need guidance and resources with established entrepreneurs who have experience and advice to offer and can serve as mentors to those just starting out. Mentorship is critical to the success of any business owner, and it’s something I have personally benefited from in my career, so giving back to my brother and sister veterans is an honor for me.

Serving in the military prepares us for so many things in life and we develop invaluable skills that undoubtedly guide us throughout our lives, but being a business owner is its own universe, and it’s not one that will necessarily match anything vets will have experienced before, even with the problem-solving skills and teamwork that serve as the hallmarks of the work we do in our active service. But it is that background and training that can elevate the work we do as business owners, and it’s something I love helping new entrepreneurs understand. I was honored to be a part of DAV Patriot Boot Camp’s 2022 mentoring cohort, and I will continue to serve my fellow veterans any way I can. Please reach out if you ever need support, or have questions. I am here for you!

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