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Forbes Featured Me in Article – Again!

        I am excited to have been featured in Forbes’ most recent Expert Panel article. I was chosen along with 12 other social media marketing experts. The article explains how marketers can best tell compelling stories through their brand. (You can view my full Forbes profile here.)

        A great marketer provides a memorable story for his / her brand that invokes action for the consumer. The best way to “hook” someone onto your brand, product, or service is to create a compelling story. To do this, the “great marketer” must identify the most suitable of various story-telling techniques. The article features tips and techniques from brand experts sharing exactly how to do this, as well as what they have learned in the industry. You can gain additional insights from dozens of brand experts by reading my book on brand marketing, Expand, Grow, Thrive, which features many stories involving our experiences over the last 20 years. It received an Amazon #1 New Release rating as well as back-to-back Book Excellence awards for its insights on marketing.

         To read the full article, you can visit here

        “A compelling story is one that we remember. To be remembered, it must be remarkable. There needs to be an element of “unbelievability” to it (i.e., how could that happen?). There must also be motive (i.e., why would they ever do that?). Finally, there must be a sense of urgency. When these elements come together, not only will your story be compelling, it will also be unforgettable.”

-Pete Canalichio, BrandAlive