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Fear Is A Liar

What scares you? Public speaking? Job interviews? Difficult conversations? Asking for forgiveness? 

The list, for many of us, isn’t as short as we’d like, and that’s okay. Fear is a normal part of being human. The unknown can feel very scary. Not having control can be unsettling, despite the fact that, in truth, control is just an illusion anyway. Fear in business is pretty vast territory. The terrain, for the most part, is unfamiliar, and the horizon can stretch on for miles, so it’s not always easy to see what lies ahead. A lot of the time, we have to just go on faith. Faith that we’ll end up exactly where we need to be.

There’s a song by Zach Williams that I often think of in times of fear, called Fear is a Liar. I encourage you to look up the lyrics and read them when you need a boost of support, but here is a tidbit that I like:

When he told you you’re not good enough, when he told you you’re not right.

When he told you you’re not strong enough to put up a good fight.

When he told you you’re not worthy, when he told you you’re not loved,

When he told you you’re not beautiful, that you’ll never be enough. 

Fear, he is a liar. He will take your breath, stop you in your steps.

Fear, he is a liar. He will rob your rest, steal your happiness.

Cast your fear in the fire. ‘Cause fear, he is a liar.

If we can remember these words and tell ourselves it’s just fear talking, we’ll see that the reality isn’t always as scary as we think. Don’t let your fear get in the way of taking chances. Ask for that promotion! Have that difficult conversation! Say you’re sorry. Be vulnerable. Ask for forgiveness. Take that self-development course. Start your side hustle. Let fear be a motivator, not a block!