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Do You Color Outside the Lines?

Building a brand can be scary. The first time I started blogging, I realized that I was being vulnerable, exposing my thoughts and ideas to the world. Would people receive it? For a while, I questioned myself and felt a bit stuck. But then I eventually realized that I knew who I was and knew I had something to offer, so I was able to shift my focus. Instead of focusing on what the naysayers would do, I focused on those that I could help. I knew that even if just one person saw my post, maybe I might change their perspective.

At the end of the day, it’s not about perfection. It’s about reaching someone and helping them think differently or be more willing to take chances. Don’t be afraid to be messy when you’re creating something. If you wait until something is “perfect,” knowing full well there is no such thing, you miss your chance to make a mark on the world!