[large]Duration: February 2013 – March 2014[/large]


Coca-Cola was in jeopardy for the first time of not being able to execute an Olympic co-branded licensing and Olympic pin trading program to support their activation of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games due to limitations in time, expertise and staffing. They called upon Pete Canalichio one year prior to the Games to assist them in salvaging this core strategic program (the first Official Coca-Cola Olympic Pin Trading program originated in 1988 in Calgary, Canada).


Garner support from the International Olympic Committee and the Sochi Organizing Committee for Coca-Cola to create a program at such a late date. Then determine the critical path to ensure success based on a normal 24-month timeframe:

  • Conducted a situation assessment
  • Obtained the rights to execute the program
  • Secured the strategic partners including the retailer, suppliers and pin ambassadors
  • Identified the location of the Pin Trading Center
  • Approved and tested all co-branded merchandise for sale
  • Developed an operating plan for the pin traders at the center


  • Developed the business model for Olympic co-branded licensing and Olympic pin trading program to support the Sochi Olympic Winter Games
  • Organized, supervised and successfully implemented the brand licensing program overcoming several project-ending challenges
  • Entertained almost 100,000 visitors within the center while continuing the pin trading legacy for Coca-Cola