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Is Your Brand In A Position To Expand? Ask Mr. Clean.

Mr. Clean

Brand expansion has become a top priority for many brand owners who intend to increase revenue and broaden their presence by capturing additional segments in the market. While many brand owners are adamant about expansion, many others still face a common dilemma, “At what point should we expand?” For some, this answer may come easy, but for others identifying a brand’s readiness to expand proves to be a strenuous task. Thankfully, Mr. Clean provides an illustration of the evolution of expansion to help those who are still looking for answers.

The Mr.Clean brand has been in operation for over half a century and although it is an iconic brand well-known for its expansion, it didn’t start this way. Mr. Clean debuted as a liquid cleaning solution targeted towards homemakers. Within a short period this liquid cleaner’s popularity surged and soon customers became brand loyalists. Consumers voiced their interest in new and innovative products creating an opportunity for the brand to enter into complementary categories. With the help of best-in-class licensees, the brand was able to expand into scrubbing tub and shower pads, Magic Eraser cleaning pads, AutoDry car wash systems, multi-surface disinfecting wipes, rubber gloves, and many other licensed products that provided solutions to their consumers’ needs. As needs, preferences, and technology changed, so did Mr. Clean. As a result of these changes, Mr. Clean was able to adjust and expand accordingly, which has created the brand universe we know today.

Mr. Clean Products

So how exactly does this illustration of the Mr. Clean brand above answer the question, “At what point should we expand?” The Mr.Clean brand expansion program exemplifies how the brand’s manager addressed those questions (listed below) needed to ensure they were ready to expand. Let’s take a look.

  • Is the brand in an under-optimized state? Is there room to grow. If so, this is a sign that expansion should occur.
  • Are consumers purchasing the brand’s core products, are they attracted to the brand, its value, and quality of product?
  • Are consumers becoming brand loyalists and advocates? Are they voicing their interest in new innovative products?
  • Have consumers given the brand permission to enter new categories?
  • Will this expansion solve a need for consumers?
  • Does the expansion make sense?
  • Has there been a transformation needs, preferences or technology that would provide an opportunity for expansion?

If a brand is exhibiting these signs, more than likely it is in a position to expand. Learn to identify these signs just as Mr. Clean did and you will be in a position to realize an immense gain for your brand and organization.