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Are You Doing Too Much?

I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care lately, and taking breaks throughout my day to go outside or enjoy the sunshine or take a walk. In fact, I just started reading a book called Outlive, written by Dr. Peter Attia. In the book, Dr. Attia talks about ways to improve one’s “healthspan,” the period of life one is in good health. He recommends getting exercise, eating right, sleeping well and being connected. If I can begin to focus on these, I will set myself up for quality living for now and the future. 

While the first three come easy for me, I often forget about the connection factor or tend to minimize its importance. Lately, I’ve made it a point to call a friend just to say hello and let them know I’m thinking about them. My point here is that I’m protecting myself from burnout and I’m working to reduce my stress, and not add to it. Since taking these small steps, I’ve noticed an improvement in my demeanor. I feel better, enabling me to focus more intently on others. 

Often, we get so busy in our daily tasks that we lose sight of why we do our work in the first place. If you’re too stressed, you can’t enjoy connecting with clients or colleagues. This is just a reminder to take a few breaks, get some fresh air and reconnect with yourself. How do you work to reduce stress in your day? What are some of the hacks you’ve incorporated to improve your overall health?