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Even though we can offer a lot of information and education on brand licensing agreements, we know that there are still some problems, questions or even difficulties you might face related to your unique situation....

Worried about legal problems, dealing with stubborn licensees, or uncertain about your brand licensing strategy?

Brand licensing is an in depth process. There’s lots of factors to consider, and despite the wealth of training we can offer, there’s nothing like getting personal answers & advice from the experts themselves....

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Gino Biondi, VP, Newell Rubbermaid

Pete is a high-energy thinker. He is dedicated and will go great lengths to support colleagues with initiatives. His follow-up is phenomenal and he conducts himself as a solid, real team-player. He can be counted on to get to the right answer with a meaningful solution.

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We want to bring powerful strategies, priceless advice and quality feedback to you quickly, conveniently and on your schedule .... and that’s the essence of our Gold Support program.

Within only 24 hours of your request we can get together in a call to talk about whatever you need.... whether it be current negotiations with a licensee or a question about any aspect of brand licensing. There’s no better way to navigate brand licensing than to be guided by the Expert.

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See What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

I worked with Pete closely during our time at Newell Rubbermaid on a number of different business development opportunities. Pete has that rare and fantastic ability to be very capable, driven and detail orientated - while also being a pleasure to work with. He is a fantastic leader and is skilled at the art of bringing together differing points of view in order to achieve a common goal. I would cherish the opportunity to work with Pete again.

Ross Hugessen, Senior Vice President, Ipsos

Pete is exceptional at generating a collaborative and productive business environment. He excels at people management, and never hesitates to get involved in any situation that will benefit from his leadership, across all levels of an organization. He is genuine and is both liked and respected by his colleagues. Pete leads by example and and makes every effort to ensure that his team is efficient, effective, and involved.

Jared Carr, General Manager, LEGO Mexico

Coca-Cola was in jeopardy of not being able to execute an Olympic co-branded licensing and Olympic pin trading program to support the Sochi Olympic Winter Games due to limitations in time, expertise and staffing. They called upon Pete’s company, Licensing Brands, to assist them in salvaging this core strategic program (originated in 1988 in Calgary, Canada). As Pete had assisted Coca-Cola on every Olympic program since 1998 in Nagano, Japan, they felt confident he could provide the level of expertise needed for success. Licensing Brands helped us build the business model, organize, implement and supervise the brand licensing program – deal with organizing committees/retail agency/suppliers/licensees and client. Pete's agency showed remarkable capabilities in overcoming many project-ending challenges, it was a very successful program and I would highly recommend him and his company for any government or commercial entity.

Gabriela Mandrea, Integration Manager, Coca-Cola Russia

Pete is a solid business professional and leader, well-liked and respected, with great ideas, strategic thinking, and marketing insights. He is intelligent, fair and inspirational, with an upbeat and caring attitude that lets him naturally develop excellent rapport and trusting relationships with his team. Pete is the kind of person people like to work with, and work for. A terrific leader!

Kosmas Karadimitriou, Vice President of Data Science, KAYAK

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$495 level a month = Email + Group Coaching

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