Taking Your Brand Licensing Program In-house Workshop - Pete Canalichio

Taking Your Brand Licensing Program In-house Workshop

The other day I was speaking with a prospective client.  She was frustrated with her brand licensing agency.  The agency was not optimizing their program.  The categories chosen were not reinforcing the brand’s positioning. The licensees where not fully exploiting their approved channels, limiting the distribution of the licensed product.  What frustrated her most was that the licensed products were not reflecting the brand’s attributes causing overall sales growth to languish and potentially damaging the brand’s equity.

She told me that they were considering bringing the licensing program in house, but wanted to understand the key factors needed to ensure a successful transition.  I advised her before making a switch she should get a good handle on the following:

  • The pros and cons of managing a program in-house versus outsourcing to an agency
  • The players needed on a brand licensing team and their roles & responsibilities
  • The internal and external organizations that interact with the brand licensing function and what their roles & responsibilities are
  • The brand licensing process and how is it optimized within an organization
  • The area within the organization where the brand licensing function should reside and what resources are needed to build a best-in-class program
  • How to ramp up a brand licensing program and what would need to be accomplished in the first 90 days

She thanked me for providing her with a good cross-sectional overview and told me she would be going back to her manager to discuss and determine next steps.