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Pete Canalichio Announces a NEW Giveaway: Tilt the Deal to Your Favor


Canalichio’s 65-page e-guidebook about brand licensing will be awarded to one lucky winner, and all entrants will receive a guaranteed copy of “The Most Spectacular Brand Extension Failures”


ATLANTA – The second giveaway for Pete Canalichio’s book, Expand, Grow, Thrive, was a massive success (those who did not win can purchase their own copy on Amazon).

       Due to high demand, Canalichio is now running a giveaway for a new product. One contestant will win a copy of e-guidebook, Tilt the Deal to Your Favor ($29.99 value), while all entrants will receive a guaranteed copy of another one of his e-guidebooks, The Most Spectacular Brand Extension Failures ($9.99 value).

Enter the contest by simply submitting your email here.

       The winner of the above giveaway will receive an excellent resource in Tilt the Deal to Your Favor. It helps the reader get a better licensing deal with Canalichio’s proven negotiation strategies. The 65-page e-guide can be found for $29.99 on Canalichio’s website.

       “After having negotiated dozens of best-in-class brand licensing agreements for both Fortune 500 and smaller companies, I can tell you one thing,” Canalichio explained. “A little preparation and some structure can go a long way toward a successful outcome.”

       The guaranteed e-guidebook, The Most Spectacular Brand Extension Failures, offers insight into 24 spectacular examples of failures in the brand extension world. The easy-read is normally sold for $9.99 but is available for free to all contestants entered into the giveaway above.

       Later this month, Canalichio will be releasing the audiobook version of his award-winning book, Expand, Grow, Thrive, for the readers’ convenience. His giveaway for Tilt the Deal to Your Favor above will conclude on November 23 to celebrate the audio version’s release the following day.

BrandAlive: Helping brands come alive.

About the Author – Pete Canalichio, the global authority on brand expansion, is on a mission to help brands become more alive in the hearts of those that experience them. He does that by helping them write a better story through compelling content, inspiring platform talks, in-depth consulting and workshops, and practical tools. To learn more, visit:

About the BookExpand, Grow, Thrive uses powerful storytelling and offers unique access to the personal perspectives of top-flight marketers, who have developed truly world-class business growth programs.  Canalichio gives readers insight into how brands literally expand, grow and ultimately thrive. The book helps readers understand what makes a brand irresistible and expandable, how to decide whether to expand, and then what it takes to build a best-in-class licensing program. It is a must for brand stewards, licensing professionals and business owners who want to partner with the world’s top brands. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

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