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Now that you have a good understanding of brand licensing and its potential to empower your business, you may be wondering how to approach things like.....

  • brand and licensee evaluations
  • licensee orientation meeting strategies, or even
  • some of the in-depth, nuanced terms that come with licensing.
Samir Jhaveri, VP Business Development, Newell Rubbermaid

Pete is a dedicated individual who strives to WIN. Pete is hardworking and is a great team player. Pete has a great personality and leadership skills.

Access the Sample Agreements, Templates, and Licensing Strategy Documentation You Need for a Successful Partnership

Creating a successful brand licensing agreement requires a lot of paperwork - from prospective licensee applications to the brand licensing agreement itself.

Develop a solid partnership from day 1 with our first class templates.

Your negotiations will be effortless and problem-free with thoroughly developed agendas, questionnaires, terms paperwork, and even email templates!

Our Mastery Program comes with everything you need:

  • Brand and Licensee Evaluation Questionnaires
  • Negotiating License Deal Treatments template
  • Program Launch Email template
  • Business Estimator Spreadsheet Calculator
  • Product Submission Form template
  • and many, many more samples and templates of the paperwork you’ll need for a flawless agreement...

Negotiating a license deal requires knowing your deal terms.... having a well-thought through negotiating strategy..... and strong communication skills... all of which we breakdown in simple, practical terms that you can immediately put into practice.

Get FULL mock negotiations, sample paperwork, and a complete breakdown of how a successful brand licensing agreement can be struck.... all for a one time payment of $1,475.

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You get unlimited access to paperwork worth more than money can buy... these are tried and tested templates that are powerful tools for securing you multiple successful brand licensing deals.

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Pete is a great leader who succeeds through tenacity, collaboration, vision, and charisma. Pete unified the various functions of the CardScan business, and had everyone working as a team towards the same strategic goals.

Jason Lye, Director, External Business Development – Technology Assets, Newell Rubbermaid

Pete thoughtfully and creatively finds ways to negotiate agreement in a manner that all parties feel they have been heard, understood and believe in the agreement that has been reached.

Adriana McLane, Director, Business Development, Newell Rubbermaid

My first contact with Pete was a conference call about 9 months before the Olympics. I was running an licensee for the games, and Pete was charged with monetizing the Coke Olympic licensed program for the 2010 Olympics. This program got an extremely late start, and several licensees were less than enthusiastic about participating, given state of the retail recession. Having said this, Pete's leadership was instrumental in rallying a diverse group of licensees into action, while at the same time coordinating the Coke team on both side of the borders. In addition to this, Pete had to negotiate with HBC, the national retail partner, and their needs/goals, and make it all work together. Against all odds, the end results was an outstanding games time showing for the Coke brand. Coke could not possibly has chosen a better person to handle this task, in this most important global marketing venue. I am proud to have worked with Pete and his team to deliver the Coke brand message at the Olympics, and would not hesitate to recommend Pete. His work ethic and character is beyond reproach.

Dave Garrett, Managing Director, You Move Me

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