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An unlimited revenue stream – enhanced consumer relations – a stronger, clearer brand identity.

Brand licensing leverages your current image into a powerful platform for profit.


Over the past two decades, I’ve honed my skills with brand licensing, learning how to navigate the complex waters of licensing to become a world-class expert.


Brand licensing is an in depth process. There’s lots of factors to consider, and despite the great rewards that come with a profitable partnership, there are plenty of risks and difficulties you can face too…


If you’re looking for a done-for-you, personal approach, then you’re in the right place.

I organize brand licensing deals and teach people how to leverage their efforts from both sides. My company matches quality products and services with world class brands.


I’ll be upfront with you: my plate is quite full. I don’t take on many clients, and working with a world-class brand licensing agent comes with a world-class price tag.


However, if you want a hands-on approach, with direct support and personal attention, here’s how I can help.

Create a Strong Image

I can work with your company to enhance your image for the competitive world of brand licensing. Leverage the expertise of a world-class expert to build a stronger, more compelling voice.

Attract strong brands

Start partnering with highly coveted brands at the top of their fields. I can give you the platform and leverage you need to start connecting with brand “stars” that can fast-track your business to the top.

Establish your brand licensing program

If you are just entering the world of brand licensing, then I can bring you the knowledge and experience you need to establish yourself in the sometimes complicated but highly rewarding world of licensing.

Start playing in the big leagues… let’s talk about your promising future in brand licensing.

An unlimited revenue stream - enhanced consumer relations - a stronger, clearer brand identity.

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