1. The Method

    I co-created, with Mark Di Somma, the LASSO Model (featured in Expand, Grow, Thrive) to help you determine if your brand has the potential to expand into new categories. LASSO stands for Lateral, Addictive, Storied, Scalable and Own-able. This groundbreaking work, which is part of a research project, will help companies better understand how the strength of their brands can be used to drive revenue and growth.

    Through the LASSO Model algorithm, you can immediately assess your brand’s expansion potential by comparing it to 56 failed and successful brand extension efforts, including those of major brands like Coca-Cola, Mickey Mouse, the NFL, Chupa Chups, FIFA World Cup, Nerf, World of Warriors and dozens of others. With just 5 questions this model can, with an 80% accuracy rate, tell you which of your brands have the greatest potential to expand.

Assess Your Optimization

Whether you’re a large organization interested in expanding your market share, a small business hoping to establish a strong brand, or an established brand looking to increase your revenue stream, BrandAlive can help you identify the correct growth strategy that will create a stronger, clearer brand identity and generate profit. Let Pete and BrandAlive help your brand come alive!

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