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With just 5 questions this book can, with an 80% accuracy rate, tell you which of your brands has the greatest potential to expand. The book combines science (the LASSO algorithm) with personal anecdotes from rockstar CEO’s who overcame every conceivable roadblock to create five-star brand extensions. The result? A compelling view of brand expansion techniques no brand steward should miss.
Brand Licensing Versus Traditional Growth Strategies: An Executive’s Guide To Deciding What’s Right For Your Brand
Learn the pros and cons of brand licensing, make smarter decisions about growth, get a framework to help you decide if licensing is right for you and an actionable plan from a brand licensing thought leader.
Is Your Brand Ready to Stretch into new Categories?
Use a proven scoring system to decide if your brand is ready to stretch, avoid catastrophic failures, know how to get your brand ready to expand and extend if it scores badly and build on your brand’s strengths if it scores well.
Breakthrough Licensing for Licensors
Takes you through every stage of the process from identifying stretch-ready brands to implementing go-to-market strategies. Find out how to prospect licensees, perform due diligence, negotiate contracts, and more.
Breakthrough Licensing from a Manufacturer's Perspective: A Disciplined Plan for Profitable Brand Extensions
Takes you through every stage of the process from identifying stretch-ready brands to implementing go-to-market strategies. Find out how to perform due diligence, negotiate contracts, and more.
Tilt the Deal in your Favor: How To Negotiate With Licensees
Learn proven negotiation strategies, get industry Deal Term Ranges, extract more concessions from licensees, read sample negotiation dialogues and learn how to get past NO in a negotiation.
Brand Licensing Agreement Templates
Brand Licensing Agreement Templates
Fill-in-the-blank templates modeled after Coca-Cola and Newell-Rubbermaid’s standard licensing contracts. Includes guide with call-outs explaining the meaning and benefits of each contract clause.
Prospective Licensee Application Template: What To Ask Licensees Who Want To License Your Brand
Know what to ask and how to ask it, eliminate unsuitable licensees quickly, uncover every licensee’s strengths and weaknesses, find the best partner for your brand.
Prospective Licensee Application Template: Win The License by Acing The Prospective Licensee Application
Know in advance what brands will ask you, copy/paste answers into brand-specific forms, get an unfair advantage over competitors, level up your professionalism, and familiarize yourself with how brands think.
35 Case Studies Of Brands That Successfully Entered New Categories
With 35 case studies all in one place you’ll save hours of searching on Google. With analysis by brand licensing expert Pete Canalichio, you’ll get a better understanding of licensing strategies and the way brands in other industries have succeeded.

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