Expand, Grow, Thrive

The Groundbreaking Roadmap To Brand Expansion

Book Excellence Awards Winner
Winner of the Book Excellence Award in Marketing

How did the licensing industry originate and grow to be a $300 billion global industry? And how are the best-in-class brands today utilizing licensing to enhance their consumers’ brand experience?

Using powerful storytelling and unique access to the personal perspectives of top-flight marketers who have developed truly world-class business growth programs, I show how successful marketers have extended and expanded their brands and the challenges they have had to overcome along the way.

I co-created, with Mark Di Somma, LASSO, a multifaceted model that offers simple, accessible and effective ways for marketers to get their heads around the desired attributes of highly successful growth programs. Utilizing 5 proven steps and a dynamic algorithm, marketers can measure whether their brands are under- or optimally expanded, empowering them to take decisive action.

With insightful advice, anecdotes and tips from leading brand licensing professionals, senior marketers and inspiring individuals covering household names like Coca-Cola and Disney, Expand, Grow, Thrive offers a measured and proven “Think Big, Get Big” framework to truly help your brand first expand, then grow successfully, and ultimately thrive.

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Edward Andrascik Sr

Wow! Expand, Grow, and Thrive is a powerful on point, detailed analysis of how successful ‘Brands’ have achieved success. The ‘LASSO’ strategy and methods help you understand and evaluate your own (Brands’) present position, and how if implemented, can help you create the right strategy for sustainable and long term growth. Great Read!

Edward Andrascik, CEO Visions Outdoor, LLC

Pete Canalichio’s book, Expand Grow Thrive was a revelation to me. As the founder and CEO of a video and consumer products company dependent on establishing a brand, I thought I was well prepared. I found that the missing ingredient was a roadmap showing the best possible approach for success as well as the pitfalls of this intricate business. If I had read and utilized anything as effective as Mr. Canalichio’s book it would have saved me a great deal of time and money. Expand, Grow, Thrive may well prove to become the bible for the licensing business.

Gino Frye, CEO PEG, INC.

The book not only shares wonderful examples of how our most loved brands such as Coca-Cola, the NFL and Star Wars make their way into our homes and into our lives, it also offers a powerful methodology for how to ensure they keep doing so. This book is perfect for anyone interested in knowing how brands expand and grow or simply wanting to know how the brand licensing industry works.

Jamie Stevens, EVP, Worldwide Consumer Products, Sony Pictures Entertainment

I’ve heard it said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Nothing could be truer upon a reading of Pete Canalichio’s “Expand Grow Thrive”. As a grassroots start-up brand, Canalichio’s methodology of brand building fundamentals is likely not only a must-read for the big-guy, household brand names but an essential educational guide for the small guys with big ideas. If you need to put some guardrails up on your road to licensing success I highly recommend this book.

Warren G. Tracy, Owner, The Busted Knuckle Garage

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