Is Your Brand Under Leveraged?

Pete Canalichio, the global authority on brand expansion, is on a mission to help brands become more alive in the hearts of those that experience them. He does that by helping them write a better story through compelling content, inspiring platform talks, in-depth consulting and workshops, and practical tools. The depth of his marketing and branding content is far-reaching, but his expertise lies in helping brands come alive through brand extension and brand licensing.

  1. Brand Expansion

    Every company is under pressure to grow their footprint and revenues, and many brands are looking for ways to do so on a global basis. Pete is an expert on how brands today are expanding and extending to generate millions in revenue through long-term storytelling, partnerships and the judicious use of technology. Brand expansion deals with determining the correct brand expansion point, building valuable assets, and methodologies for optimal expansion.

  2. Brand Licensing

    One aspect of growth that some tend to overlook when trying to expand is strong partnerships. Through partnerships, your company can team up with other powerful and driven companies to achieve that common goal of growth and recognition. Brand licensing is exactly that, a powerful partnership, an exceptionally viable growth strategy when done thoughtfully and with the right partners.

  3. Brand Strategy

    Your brand is your story. It should answer the “What and Why” of your organization, product or service. And your story must be so compelling that your audience is intrigued and interested enough to want to engage with you at the next level. Brand strategy gets at the heart of how to creatively and effectively craft and tell your Brand Story and supporting messaging.

  4. LASSO Method

    Pete created the LASSO Model (featured in the book Expand, Grow, Thrive) to help you determine if your brand has the potential to expand into new categories. LASSO stands for Lateral, Addictive, Storied, Scalable and Own-able. This groundbreaking work, which is part of a research project, will help companies better understand how the strength of their brands can be used to drive revenue and growth.

Whether you’re a large organization interested in expanding your market share, a small business hoping to establish a strong brand, or an established brand looking to increase your revenue stream, BrandAlive can help you identify the correct growth strategy that will create a stronger, clearer brand identity and generate profit. Let Pete and BrandAlive help your brand come alive!

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