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Check out my new giveaway for Tilt the Deal to Your Favor!

The second giveaway for for my book, Expand, Grow, Thrive, was such a massive success, I have decided to run a giveaway for a new product. For those who did not win one of the first two giveaways, you can purchase your own copy of Expand, Grow, Thrive on Amazon.

I will award one contestant a copy of my 65-page e-guidebook, Tilt the Deal to Your Favor ($29.99 value). In addition, all entrants will receive a guaranteed, free copy of another one of my e-guidebooks, The Most Spectacular Brand Extension Failures ($9.99 value).

Take advantage of this contest by simply submitting your email here!

The winner of the above giveaway will receive an excellent resource in Tilt the Deal to Your Favor. It helps the reader get a better licensing deal through my proven negotiation strategies. After having negotiated dozens of best-in-class brand licensing agreements for both Fortune 500 and smaller companies, I can tell you this: a little preparation and some structure can go a long way toward a successful outcome.

The above brand licensing negotiating manual shows you my exclusive 5-stage negotiation process. Every licensor must follow an internal process before signing an agreement with a licensee; I will take you through the various stages of due diligence and the tools and documents used to enable licensors to track the agreement.

Brand owners and manufacturers who wish to build a best-in-class program should familiarize themselves with these documents and the process. The deal approval process generally takes place in five stages.

You can read more about the manual on my website.

The guaranteed e-guidebook, The Most Spectacular Brand Extension Failures, offers insight into 24 spectacular examples of failures in the brand extension world. I normally sell this resource for $9.99, but am making it available for free to all contestants who enter into the giveaway above.

I have created this giveaway to celebrate the highly-anticipated release of the audio-version to my award-winning book, Expand, Grow, Thrive. The giveaway for Tilt the Deal to Your Favor above will conclude on November 23, just one day prior to the audio version’s release.

Be sure to take advantage of these two products while you still can, and keep an eye out for the product’s upcoming release!

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