Top Seven Attributes Found In Best-In-Class Licensees

Top Seven Attributes Found In Best-In-Class Licensees Building a successful brand licensing program takes a great brand, hard work, dedication, and a best-in-class licensee. However, many brand owners are unfamiliar with which attributes qualifies a licensee as “best-in-class.” This lack of knowledge is one of the many reasons why great brands struggle to reach their…


Kylie Jenner Out Does Big-Name Cosmetic Brands

Though the Kardashian household has been in the limelight for over a decade, one never could have foreseen the success of the youngest of six, Kylie Jenner. With Jenner’s thriving cosmetic line, Kylie Cosmetics, she is positioned to become the youngest self-made billionaire the world has ever seen. This is great news for Ms. Jenner,…


5 Pitfalls To Avoid Before Signing A Licensing Agreement – Part 1

Are you currently a licensee (manufacturer) or licensor (brand owner) or contemplating entering a licensing arrangement? If so, you may have been weighing the business impact and exposure inherent in the definitions, requirements and terms stipulated in the licensing contract. If you have not read the contract language completely or understood it fully, you may…


Brand Licensing Optimization – Eight Categories To Consider

Whether your brand licensing practice is decades old or just beginning, knowing its level of optimization is critical to the long-term health and vibrancy of your brand.  A fully optimized program ensures all licensed product reinforces the brand’s positioning, that consumers have access to the licensed product through designated retail channels authorized in each licensees’…


How Do You Determine Whether A Market Is Ready For Brand Licensing?

When traveling in Mumbai, India, I had the opportunity to attend the Brand Licensing India conference. Considering brand licensing is a relatively new industry in India, topics such as “best licensing practices” and “the intricacies of the Indian brand licensing industry” triggered some stimulating discussions. For those familiar with the Indian market, it comes as…


5 Pitfalls To Avoid Before Signing A Licensing Agreement – Part 2

The previous post talked about the business pitfalls of licensing agreements. There, I stressed the importance of knowing and understanding the business implications of the terms in the contracts so that you are able to negotiate the most optimal deal for yourself. In this blog post we pick up with the pitfalls that brand owners…

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